Middle Island Resident Has #ReadyFeet, Wins Prize Drawing

January 08, 2018

Joanne Smith, winner of the Are You Ready, Feet? prize

The fourth randomly chosen winner of Are You Ready, Feet?™ drawing says her motto is, “Use it or lose it – you need to move.”

With 61 activity logs and a total of 1,874.29 miles moved, Joanne Smith from Middle Island began her walking journey along the Long Beach boardwalk. When she and two friends would walk together after work, she began wearing a pedometer to track her steps, entering them each night into the Long Island Health Collaborative’s online walking portal.

Each time she entered her steps, it served as an entry for the drawing. “I was amazed at how many steps I did in a day,” said Smith.

Her steps paid off! as she won a Fitbit Flex from the Collaborative’s quarterly drawing. The LIHC’s online Are You Ready, Feet?™ portal allows users to track their physical activity by minutes moved, miles traveled, or steps walked. For each activity logged, users receive an entry into a random drawing for health and wellness prizes, like the one Smith walked away with.

“I walk mainly for necessity, as well as for pleasure. With a conscious knowledge that it is important for general health,” said Smith. “Find a buddy to walk with. Long Island offers many great parks and beaches, which are great for walking.”

She’s right! You can find a list of great walking opportunities on Long Island on our resources page, and check out some fun ways to move more during the day.

The real question is, what are you waiting for? Sign up today, and get those #ReadyFeet moving!