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You can access a host of information about healthy living and healthcare right at your fingertips. If you've got questions, these local, state, and federally-recognized organizations have answers.

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Resources for Essential Workers


Resource Description Category Organization & Link

 The Emotional PPE Project
Connects healthcare workers with mental health professionals

 Counseling  The Emotional PPE Project

 DASH Hotline
24-hour, 7 days a week Support for All Affected by COVID -19

 Hotline Family Service League
 Essential Worker Support Line
Hotline  Family & Children's Association
 Project Hope Helpline
631-471-7242 ext. 1800
Monday-Friday from 9am-7pm
Or email 
 Hotline  NY Project Hope
 New York State Office of Mental Health Frontline Worker Text Line
Text “FRONTLINENY” to 741-741 for specialized support
Textline New York State Office of Mental Health


Directories / Hotlines

 Resource Description  Category  Organization & Link
 HITE - Health Information Tool for Empowerment
 Hotline Greater New York Hospital Association
 Call 2-1-1
 Hotline  United Way Worldwide
 HHS Programs
 Federal  U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
 Nassau County Department of Health  County  Nassau County

 Project Hope Crisis Line
631-471-7242 ext.1800
Monday-Friday from 9am-7pm

Hotline  NY Project Hope
 Suffolk County Department of Health  County  Suffolk County 
 Hear2Help  Online Crisis Counseling  Response of Suffolk County
 631-979-1700  24/7 substance abuse
 Suffolk County / LICADD
 Caregivers' Coach Helpline  Helpline for family caregivers  AARP
 800-POWER2U (800-769-3728)  Information and referral line  National Empowerment Center
 Benefit Kitchen  Financial literacy app   App sign up


Chronic Disease Resources

 Resource Description  Category  Organization & Link
 Diseases and Conditions - CDC
 Research  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
 Heart Conditions and Stroke  Education, Research   American Heart Association 
 Cancer Facts and Statistics  Education, Research  American Cancer Society
 Tobacco Initiatives  Education  American Lung Association
 Asthma Basics Education, Research
 American Lung Association
 About ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease)
Education, Research   ALS Association
 Alzheimer's and Dementia Basics  Education, Research 
 Alzheimer's Association
 Understanding Arthritis
 Arthritis Foundation
 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)  Education
 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
 About Cystic Fibrosis Foundation  Education
 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
 Diabetes Prevention and Management Toolkit  Education
 New York State Department of Health
 Diabetes Basics  Education, Research 
 American Diabetes Association

National Eating Disorders Resources

 New York State Department of Health
General Information of EDs  Education
 National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA)
Cardiovascular Disease  Education
 New York State Department of Health
 Heart Health Living  Education  American Heart Association
 Obesity Prevention  Education  New York State Department of Health
 Overweight & Obesity  Education, Research  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
 Oral Health  Education New York State Department of Health
 Mouth Healthy  Education, Research American Dental Association
 Risk Factors for Osteoporosis  Education  New York State Department of Health
What is Osteoporosis and What Causes It?
 Education, Research  National Osteoporosis Foundation


Nutrition Resources

 Resource Description  Category  Organization & Link
 Dietary Guidelines for Americans
 Guidelines  U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 
 Healthy Living - CDC  Guidelines   Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
 Healthy People 2020  Initiative  Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion 
 Nutrition Education  Education  Long Island Dietetic Association
 Healthy Eating/Living  Education, recipes  American Heart Association
 Choose My Plate  Education  United States Department of Agriculture
 Delicious Heart Healthy Recipes  Healthy recipes and alternative guides  National Institutes of Health


Mental Health Resources

 Resource Description  Category  Organization & Link
 Disability from Mental Illness
   World Health Organization
 Finding Help
 Wellness tools  Mental Health America
 Community Mental Health Services   Suffolk County  Suffolk County Department of Health
 Mental Health, Chemical Dependency
 & Developmental Disabilities Services
 Nassau County  Nassau County Department of Health
 Peer Support Resources  Development resources  SAMHSA
 Behavioral Health Treatment   Services locator SAMHSA
 Mental Health and Substance Abuse   Services Guide
 Catholic Health Services



Substance Abuse Resources

 Resource Description  Category  Organization & Link
 Find Help  Treatment tools  Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
 Al-Anon/Alateen  Family services  Al-Anon Family Services
 Cocaine Anonymous   Support Group  Cocaine Anonymous World Services
 Narcotics Anonymous  Support Group  Nassau Area Service Committee
 Narcotics Anonymous  Support Group  Suffolk Area Services of NA
 RxISK Interaction Checker  Prescription medication education  RxISK



Healthcare Insurance

 Resource Description  Category  Organization & Link
 Marketplace Navigators Enrollment assistance CN Guidance & Counseling Services
 Marketplace Navigators Enrollment assistance Health & Welfare Council of Long Island 
Consumer Assistance for the Aged, Blind and Disabled  Enrollment assistance  Nassau-Suffolk Hospital Council
 Official Health Plan Marketplace  Self-enrollment  New York State Department of Health 
 myBenefits  Assistance programs  New York State Department of Health




 Resource Description  Category  Organization & Link
 Emergency Preparedness - CDC
 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
 Institute of Medicine - Reports
   National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine