Member Materials

The essential documents of the Long Island Health Collaborative. To meet the standards of a transparent healthcare system, let us show you how the LIHC works. All member materials are available in a variety of accessible formats. Please contact the Long Island Health Collaborative for more information.

LIPHIP/Founding Documents Member Documents Data Collection Tools 


LIPHIP/Founding Documents

2018- 2019 Population Health Improvement Program Workplan Industry Partner Pledge
Communications Plan
2016 Year End Recap
Strategic Plan
Full List of 2016 Accomplishments
Table of Organization
Steering Committee Member List


Documents for Member Use

 Suffolk County CHA-CHIP Template 2022

Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D
Appendix E
Appendix F
Appendix G
Appendix H
State CHNA Guidance for 2022

 Nassau County CHA-CHIP Template 2022
 Suffolk County CHA-CHIP Template 2019-21

Appendix A - CHAS
Appendix B - LIHC CHNA Final Report
Appendix C - Membership Directory
Appendix D - Research and Supporting Evidence

Appendix E - 2019 LIHC Work Plan for CHNA

 Nassau County CHA-CHIP Template 2019-21  
Suffolk County CHA-CHIP Template 2016-18
Community Health Needs Assessments and Service Plans
Nassau County CHA-CHIP Template 2016-18
Collective Impact Think Tank Report
February 2016 CBO Summit Participants List


Data Collection Tools

Community-Based Organization Survey

LIHC Wellness Survey
CHNA Focus Groups and In-Depth Interviews   


Long Island Community Health Assessment Survey