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12 March , 2018

How To Live Heart Healthy, With The American Heart Association

March is National Nutrition Month, learn these heart healthy tips early!

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5 October , 2017

#HealthLiteracyMonth, and how you can celebrate

What can you do to participate in Health Literacy Month?

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10 September , 2017

Walking - the Proof is in the Numbers

Seeing is believing, and so is walking. The before and after photos tell a great story.

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30 August , 2017

Collaborative Member Has #ReadyFeet, Wins Prize Drawing

For the first time, it was a member of the Long Island Health Collaborative who won a basket of health and wellness prizes along with a FitBit Flex from the Collaborative's quarterly drawing.

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29 March , 2017

9 Ways You Didn't Think of to Walk More

April 5 is National Walking Day! What better way to celebrate than to get your #ReadyFeet moving, with these 9 ways you might not have thought of to add some walking to your day!

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