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31 December , 2019

Hospitals Urge Flu Vaccination

A guest blog post from the Dahill Dose.

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20 November , 2019

Is Artificial Intelligence the Whole Story?

Artificial intelligence (AI) knows nothing about the social determinants of health.

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18 November , 2019

Healthy holiday strategies header featuring a family sh

10 Holiday Healthy Eating Strategies to Try This Year

Learn how to keep healthy habits during the holiday season, including tips for cooking, baking, eating and exercise.

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13 November , 2019

Alcohol: the legal drug killing our communities?

Long Islanders reported drug and alcohol abuse as a top health concern for their communities in a 2018 survey.

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12 November , 2019

How to Workout in Winter

How to Crush Your Winter Workouts

When the weather is cold, it's difficult to exercise outside. Read our tips for keeping up with your winter workouts!

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