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14 October , 2019

Blog header image of people walking.

10 Surprising Ways Walking Benefits Your Health

Did you know walking can reduce anxiety? Find out 9 more surprising ways walking benefits your health.

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26 September , 2019

Why Not Walk to School?

October 2 is International Walk to School Day. Each year, thousands of schools across the United States and in more than 40 countries worldwide organize events to promote the need for safe, walkable communities and the importance of healthier lifestyles.

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20 September , 2019

Wantagh HS Students' Pedestrian Safety Videos Take First and Second Place

County Executives Proclaim September 16, 2019 Pedestrian Safety Day

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11 September , 2019

Guest Blog: Battling Opioid Addiction and Mental Health Issues

A guest blog from the Dahill Dose: Informed and insightful commentary about healthcare policy as it affects you and your community.

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12 August , 2019

What is Walk with a Doc all about?

Walk with a Doc is inspiring communities through movement and conversation.

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