Population Health

Population health is an approach to understanding and improving the health of communities. It focuses on health outcomes of groups of individuals. Through population health, care is best delivered when it is well-coordinated between more than just patients and doctors, or patients and hospitals. It needs to reach into the communities where people live, work, and play. Coordinated care involves a healthcare team - physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacists, physical therapists, home health aides, social service providers and anyone else who tends to patients' needs that extend beyond traditional healthcare. Employment, education, housing, transportation services, along with access to affordable foods and opportunities for physical activity hold as much of an influence on patients' health outcomes as do medical treatments and interventions. Collectively, patient by patient, these factors play a role in getting and keeping the Long Island population healthy.

Long Island Health Collaborative

With our partners, we conduct Community Health Needs Assessments, advance the Prevention Agenda, work toward reducing health disparities, help implement new care delivery models, and engage in other initiatives aiming to improve the health of our communities.

The LIHC conducts necessary data collection, promotes healthy living and lifestyle choices, and bridges population health gaps to achieve the program's goals. In listening to the voices of the diverse communities of Nassau and Suffolk counties, the LIHC works collaboratively to enact long-standing, sustainable change.

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Community Health

The Community Health Needs Assessment 2016-2018 Executive Summary describes the collaborative process being used to address major health problems on Long Island. By working collaboratively, the local health departments, hospitals, academic partners and community-based organizations hope to align resources and share information to improve quality of life for Long Islanders.