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Picture this: an established professional pursuing experience to help you with that project you just haven't had the time for, at no cost to your organization. That's exactly what you'd get as a practicum preceptor. 

The academic partners of the Long Island Health Collaborative are seeking practicum preceptors for students pursuing their Masters Degree in Public Health (MPH). This is a mutually beneficial opportunity for the preceptor and the student, in-person or remotely. Preceptors will supervise students, many of whom are established professionals, seeking to contribute to the dynamic field of public health. These accomplished students can help your organization with policy analysis, data interpretation and reporting, and any other applicable projects. It's a win-win arrangement.

Interested in working with a supervised graduate student? Please review the requirements outlined below. Decide which program would be the best fit for your organization, and contact the corresponding practicum coordinator directly.

Unsure of which institution's students would be the best fit? Fill out this intake form and we will match you with the best fit. 



Adelphi University
MPH Practicum Program

Contact(s): Natalie Madray
Practicum Coordinator

Hofstra University 
MPH Program Applied Practice Experience

Contact(s): Martine Hackett
MPH Program Director

Stony Brook University
Master of Public Health Practicum

Prof. Michele Bayley

 At a Glance

  • Hours: 180
  • Preceptor must have at least a master's
    level degree, preferably in public health

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At a Glance

  • Student Deliverables: 150 hours or portfolio
    of two completed projects, minimum
  • Must be public health-related

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At a Glance

Practicum hours depend on
students' selected concentration:

  • Health Analytics (Epidemiology and Biostatistics): 135 hours
  • Community Health: 135 hours
  • Health Policy and Management: 100 hours
  • Generalist: 135 hours

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