Welcome to the Long Island Health Collaborative

April 12, 2016

Long Island is a unique place, so it also has unique health needs. Who better than actual Long Islanders to improve the health of our population? The Long Island Health Collaborative (LIHC) is dedicated to assessing and improving the health of our communities by providing information and tools to help you and your loved ones get or stay healthy. Let’s take a look at what the Long Island Health Collaborative is and what we’re doing today to benefit you and your community!   

Welcome to the Long Island Health Collaborative

What is the Long Island Health Collaborative? 

The  Collaborative got its start in February 2013 when Long Island hospitals, the two county health departments, academic institutions, health providers, community-based organizations, and more, came together to collaborate on a state report called the Community Health Needs Assessment. These organizations agreed on priorities that affected both Nassau and Suffolk Counties. They chose to focus their efforts on the prevention of chronic disease, the promotion of mental health, and substance abuse awareness. After three years of hard work, the Long Island Health Collaborative is excited to share the Are You Ready, Feet?™ walking program. This initiative brings together the easy and inexpensive activity of walking with an online portal and reward program, to promote healthy habits in an accessible way.  

What does the Long Island Health Collaborative Mean for the Community? 

A healthy Long Island is everyone’s business. To achieve a healthy population, we need to reach into the places where Long Islanders live, work, and play. The Collaborative’s mission is to engage and motivate our communities to be a part of initiatives that lead to solutions. By increasing involvement in a healthy activities, we can improve the quality of life for all members of our communities.   

What does the Long Island Health Collaborative Mean for You? 

We know it’s hard to make healthy choices during an overwhelming workday or in a busy household, so we often forget how to make healthy habits a priority. Even when we do, a fitness tracker or calorie counter can only take you so far. Knowing this, the LIHC wants to help you make the choices that are right for you. Whether you’re ready to make big lifestyle changes, or are trying to figure out your first healthy steps, the Collaborative is here to help by asking, Are You Ready, Feet?™ 

Take the First Step 

The first step on your journey is to create an account for the Are You Ready, Feet?™ physical activity portal. 

To get started:   

1.   Click the ‘Sign Up’ button on the top right of www.LIHealthCollab.org 

2.   Complete your profile information or sign in via Facebook or Twitter 

3.   Provide your email, height, and weight* 

4.   That’s it! You’re ready to get started on your personal journey!   

* The Long Island Health Collaborative asks each new member for their height and weight to help track your progress and to measure our impact. But there is absolutely no pressure to give any personal information on our site. And if you do choose to enter information, we’ll never share anything without your permission.    

Log Your Activity 

Once you’ve created your account, you’re ready to begin recording your minutes moved, miles traveled, or steps walked. To track your activity, log in to your account and choose how to measure your movement.  An activity can be anything!  A walk from the car to the grocery store, or a jog around the park; taking a lap around the office or moving from classroom to classroom. The more you recognize the activity you’re already doing, the easier it will be to add even more in simple, fun ways.    

Win Awesome Prizes 

Last but certainly not least, each time you log an activity, you will have the chance to win health and wellness prizes as you make moves to achieve your goals!   

What Are Your Feet Waiting For? 

Are you ready to make a  healthy habits part of your daily routine? Are you excited at the idea of Long Island being a healthier community? Then it’s time to ask, Are You Ready, Feet?™  

Sign up today!