Community Health Concerns Impacting Long Island

May 11, 2018

Community Health Long Island

On Long Island, there are a wide variety of personal and community health indicators we monitor. To understand the health concerns of the Long Island community, the Long Island Health Collaborative conducts an ongoing, year-round survey. We ask all Long Island residents about the health issues they feel are most important and impactful in their personal lives and within their community - and we want your opinion too! Take the Long Island and Eastern Queens Community Health Assessment Survey to help us gauge what health concerns we need to address within our neighborhoods. Click here for the Spanish version of our health survey.

On the Long Island and Eastern Queens Community Health Assessment Survey, community members are able to choose their top health concerns from a list of more than 10 categories. To review the results we gathered from last year’s survey, we separated our results by each county. 14% of Nassau residents surveyed said “Cancer” was one of their biggest personal health concerns. “Cancer” was also the main concern related to community health, according to 15% of Nassau County respondents.

In Suffolk County, 17% of residents identified “Drugs & alcohol abuse” as their top community health concern, while “Heart disease & stroke” was the main personal health concern. This isn’t surprising, as heart disease is a leading cause of death on Long Island.

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