Meet the Staff

At the Long Island Health Collaborative, we have a dedicated staff funded by the Population Health Improvement Program grant from the NYSDOH. Working under the Collective Impact Model, the staff functions as the backbone for work carried out by the Collaborative. And as a team, each member brings important skills and unique personalities to the table. Read about those skills and personalities below, click on a staff position to learn more about us!

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Janine Logan, Senior Director, Communications and Population Health

Janine Logan

Senior Director, Communications and Population Health

Janine Logan is the senior director of communications and population health for the Nassau-Suffolk Hospital Council, a post she has held since 2002. Prior to this appointment, she served the Hospital Council as editor of is publication – Hospital and Health News – the only regional health care trade publication of its kind in the area.

In her role as communications director, Logan coordinates marketing/communications initiatives for the Hospital Council, ensuring that the appropriate messages about hospitals and health care policy are delivered and understood by such targeted audiences as, the media, lawmakers, business and industry, government agencies, allied health associations, and the public.

She previously served as assistant director of public relations for South Oaks Hospital, a comprehensive behavioral health care facility, and its sister agency, Broadlawn Manor. Both are located on Long Island.

From 1982 to 1988, she served as the public relations coordinator for the National Catholic Development Conference, headquartered in Hempstead, New York, a membership association for religious fundraising organizations.

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in communication arts from St. John's University and is nationally accredited by the Public Relations Society of America in the practice of public relations – a distinction for which she must maintain continuing accreditation every three years.

She resides in Babylon, New York with her husband and four children.


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Katie Feerick, Program ManagerKatie Feerick

Program Manager

Introducing Katie! With an in MBA Healthcare Management from St. Joseph’s College, and tons of experience in the work our DSRIP partners do, Katie leads the Long Island Health Collaborative and the PHIP staff in everything we do. Want to know how to become a member? Got questions about our CCHL training? Trying to connect with an organization that's an expert in food access? Or maybe you just want a rundown of what it is we do around here - Katie is your girl. 

While you think about just how much there is to know about this team and the Long Island Health Collaborative, here are some fun things you might not know about Katie!

Family Tree? My dad, Ray, is a cool dude. 

If you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive? Lewis Howes

If you had a boat what would you name it? A Little Nauti 

Who is your role model? My Dad.

Best way to get your steps in? For me, the gym.

And the worst way? Running late!

Favorite Collaborative project? I think as Are You Ready, Feet?™ keeps gaining traction (haha) in local schools, this will be a really fun way to increase interest and excitement in the program and its goals.

Something you’ve learned? The 'elevator pitch.' Without it, it’s really hard to explain what I do!


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Kim Whitehead, Communications ManagerKim Whitehead

Manager of Communications and Membership Engagement

Kim is a writer. She writes things for this organization and for this site. She wrote this page. She tried to write this bio. She learned how to write at SUNY Purchase, where she earned a B.A. in journalism.

A memory from your interview? I had taken the afternoon off from my current job to interview with Janine on a Friday at 2 p.m. It went really well, until I was given a writing prompt as ‘homework’ – a 300 word press release on DSRIP and the Medicaid Redesign Team Waiver. Yea, I didn’t know what those things were either, and I had 24 hours to write it. So I holed up in a library for a full Friday night and Saturday morning, emailed the release 15 minutes past two on Saturday, and waited days to hear back. I thought those 15 minutes had cost me the job. Clearly they didn’t, but the three weeks between my interview and the job offer were stressful – and looking back, that was a damn good press release. 

Best part of working here so far? We all say it, because it’s true – it’s the people. Yes, the work we do is fantastic, yes it's rewarding, and yes, there are a lot of good lunch spots near the office. But nothing compares to how extraordinary this team is, and how lucky I am to know and work and succeed with them.

Favorite project? Building the Long Island Health Collaborative website was one of my first projects when I was brought on board. To this day it continues to grow and evolve, serving our members and the public in new and important ways, and it is still my favorite thing to work on and develop. 

Something you’ve learned? There’s almost nothing you can’t teach yourself in the 45 minutes before a meeting.

Best way to get your steps in? A lunch time walk.

And the worst way? A lunch time walk to Dunkin Donuts.

Last book you read? A Million Junes, Emily Henry

What would the title of your biography be? Train Tracks and Cheese Plates and Bad Budgeting Skills.


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Alyssa Bunce, Data AnalystAlyssa Bunce

Data Analyst

Meet Alyssa! The Do-It-All Data Analyst for the Long Island Health Collaborative and thePHIP, Alyssa received an MPH with specialization in health analytics from Stony Brook University, which is where we found her. A woman of many talents, she also got a BA in biology with specialization in cell biology, molecular biology, and genetics from Boston University. 

Alyssa handles everything this Collaborative and its members can think of - and that's a lot. Mapping, geocoding, data explanations and analysis, demographics, SPARCS. If you need help with it, she's your guiding light.

Want to learn a little more about Alyssa? See what she's got to say!

Best part of working here so far? The people here are truly wonderful. It's such a great team and work environment. The camaraderie means there’s never any lack of ideas, there's always people to provide feedback, and you're sure to have lots of laughs.

Something you’ve learned? How to use Outlook. I’ve also learned how to more effectively communicate, mediate, and to bring a notebook everywhere I go.

Best way to get your steps in? While walking on a beach

And the worst way? In the cold

Any pets? My dog Tristan. 8 lbs of fluff and arguably the most important family member, to be honest, who sadly lives at my parent’s house. I would steal him if my landlord allowed pets.

Dinner with one person, dead or alive? Carrie Fisher

If you had a boat what would you name it? Unsinkable II

What would the title of your biography be? Diary of a Girl Who Loves Traveling, But Hates Flying


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Pascale Fils-Aime, Community Engagement AssistantPascale Fils-Aime

Community Engagement Assistant

Welcome to Pascale! Another MPH Stony Brook University grad, Pascale simultaneously pursued her MBA, after receiving her dual B.S./B.A. in health sciences/sociology. This girl loves school. (“But do I?” - Pascale.)

As the Community Engagement Assistant, Pascale spearheads health projects whose outcomes depend on her outreach. An understanding of each of our members, their goals, their services, and their resources, makes her an invaluable resource for the Collaborative. And for the work of the PHIP staff, she improves each project with her willingness to rise to any and every challenge.

Wanna know a little more about the girl who knows it all?

Role and responsibilities? Keep the mood light and work on my future stand-up routine while keeping the calendar up-to-date, the weekly event blast on point, and meetings scheduled and running smoothly.

A memory from your interview? I met Neffy, a woman in another department, in the lobby before my interview. She told me she loved my wine colored pants, and because she was wearing the same colored dress, that I’d probably be hired. That was for my internship in late 2015, and here I am! 

Describe your desk. Organized chaos.

Favorite Collaborative project? I’m really enjoying the library asset mapping. My first job in high school was as a page in the Brentwood Library so it feels a bit like going home.

Best way to get your steps in? People watching in New York City on a summer day. 

And the worst way? Chasing a small child who has your phone.

Last gift you gave to someone? I got my little cousin (11-years-old) a marble run playset – it’s just different shaped plastic pipes and a couple of marbles to create your own marble roller-coaster. He absolutely loved it and I’m worried I won’t be able to top it for Christmas. Thinking of faking my own death.

What would the title of your biography be? Funnier Than Expected

Looking to the future, you image the LIHC . . . Working like a well-oiled machine – meetings being attended, projects being executed and evaluated, cheers from the Collaborative, gold medals, acceptance speeches.


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