What makes a member?

If you're asking questions like, "Could I become a member of the Long Island Health Collaborative? " and "Where would I fit in?" we've got answers for you.

A healthy Long Island population is everyone's business. Why? Because good health is achieved when the places where Long Islanders live, work, and play all emphasize and encourage physical activity, good nutrition, and emotional stability. It's a new way to look at how we can become well or stay well, and it involves our whole community. That's population health.

Who should be part of the solution? Everyone! Because healthcare touches every aspect of a person's life. There is good, solid evidence that costs are lowered for both society and the individual when a connected, coordinated, collaborative approach to healthcare is applied. Quality of life and work productivity are enhanced by the population health system. Our main focus lies in two areas of the New York State Prevention Agenda; reducing the burden of chronic disease, especially obesity, and the support of mental health and substance abuse issues.

So if the organization you represent  or you personally have a vested interest in our goals, we invite you to connect with us. We conduct data collection, promote health living, pursue the New York State of Health's Prevention Agenda, and bridge population health gaps, and we would love to make you a part of that .

Want to join? Contact the Long Island Health Collaborative today!