Welcome to the Long Island Health Collaborative Frequently Asked Questions! 

Our team wants to ensure that all of your questions regarding membership with the LIHC are answered. If you have further questions after reading through, feel free to reach out to us! See our most frequently asked member-based questions below.

What is the Long Island Health Collaborative? 

This is our favorite question! The partnership of groups that make up the Long Island Health Collaborative is dedicated to bettering the health of Long Islanders. We bring all kinds of organizations together to connect in ways that benefit our communities. We do this to align with the New York State Prevention Agenda, which is a guideline to providing better quality healthcare at lower costs, and to support healthcare initiatives on Long Island that are led by the Department of Health. But first and foremost, we do it because we live, work and play on Long Island, and love it just as much as you do.

Who is Involved With the LIHC? 

The LIHC functions in a workgroup structure, where people with special interests and expertise, but from different backgrounds, work collaboratively to accomplish real goals.

Academic Partners - Colleges and universities are training the healthcare and medical professionals of tomorrow. Students and professors are involved in studies and research to advance these industries. Connecting these groups to one another increases their potential for greatness.

Behavioral Health  - With experts from across the region, the LIHC has committed to overlaying mental health and substance abuse awareness to all future implementation strategies. We're focused on education and coordinating efforts among dedicated partners.

Complete Streets & Nutrition - Two workgroups combined to coordinate many of the well-aligned grant programs Collaborative members are involved in, improving communities both through physical environments, and the quality of nutritional access. The collective impact of the members creates more opportunities for positive health outcomes in our communities, and addresses two inextricably linked Prevention Agenda priorities.

Cultural Competency / Health Literacy  - Cultural Competency and Health Literacy are integral to respect the diversity of the people and communities we work with and serve. The Long Island Health Collaborative is spearheading sustainable CC/HL training and implementation in region. With a certified curriculum, a train-the-trainer model, and web-based facilitator tools, we're moving the needle on diversity standards.

Data - The healthcare world thrives on data. With our capabilities, we assist hospitals and community partners with high-level data and analytics, helping health systems and local grassroots organizations better understand the communities they serve. This way, groups big and small are accomplishing their best work.

Public Education, Outreach, and Community Engagement (PECE) - A huge part of success is attributed to how well ideas, progress, and outcomes are communicated. The PECE workgroup helps engage the public, and activate the whole Collaborative, to make every initiative a successful one.!

What Does the LIHC Do Exactly? 

We're always working on something! Here are some of the incredible things the Long Island Health Collaborative has going on currently:

Are You Ready, Feet?™
After working on this project for nearly three years, the LIHC is ecstatic to officially launch our Are You Ready, Feet?™ walking program. This particular initiative combines the inexpensive and simple activity of walking with our easy-to-use online portal and rewards program.

Complete Streets and Nutrition Grants
Some of the best work is accomplished by bridging gaps and working collaboratively. Creating Healthy Schools and Communities is a New York State Department of Health grant, Eat Smart New York is a USDA grant, and both work toward improving Long Island communities through nutrition education and access to healthy foods.

Community Health Assessments and Implementation Plans

Every three years, hospitals and health departments across the state are required to assess the health needs of their communities and write plans to maximize their efforts and resources in the next three-year cycle. To assist in this process, the Long Island Health Collaborative hosted Community-Based Organization Summits, created, distributed, collected, and analyzed community member Health Assessment Surveys, gained access to high-level data sets, and provided individual reports and analysis for each institution.

Does Signing up for the Are You Ready, Feet?™ Portal Make you a Member of the Long Island Health Collaborative? 

Well, not technically, but we would love to have you! Either way, you're incredibly important to us. Members of the Collaborative attend regular meetings and are involved in initiatives that are dedicated to creating a healthier Long Island for you and your community. From county health departments and hospitals, universities and businesses, community organizations and doctors' offices, Collaborative members come from every part of the island. But signing up for the portal doesn't require anything of you except to log your activity and enjoy the rewards!

How Do you Pay for All of This? 

We're so lucky to be funded by the New York State Department of Health, through the Long Island Population Health Improvement Program (LIPHIP). The LIPHIP is charged with supporting the evolving healthcare system by connecting with partners from every corner of the healthcare system - which is exactly what the Long Island Health Collaborative does. With funding from the LIPHIP program, we accomplish real change and reach more partners than ever before!

That Sounds Really Great. Would I Fit in? 

We're pretty sure you would. You can read about What Makes a Member, and you can always get more information by contacting our staff, and meeting our community on Twitter or Facebook.